Bandhani Scarves: Fashionable Tie-Dye on Chiffon Silk

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Published: 15th February 2011
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Bandhani is a centuries old form of tie-dye that artisans in India incorporate in saris, shawls and scarves. In India, these intricately tie-dyed scarves have been worn throughout history and now they are available for the world market in contemporary styles and colors.

India has a rich tradition of textiles, ranging from hand-woven silks and cottons to beautiful wood block-prints and bandhani (tie-dye) on a wide range of fabrics. These textiles showcase India’s classical artistic skill in vibrant shades of color that are less common in the Western world of fashion.

Fashion is dynamic and every culture and generation has a unique sense of fashion. Nothing seems to actually go out of fashion for good, and classical fashions that incorporate artistic textiles endure in myriad forms. Fashion can range from what you wear to how you wear it, and the current trend of wearing scarves for both comfort and style goes back many centuries, across numerous cultures.

In the West, the recent resurgence of wearing scarves, for both women and men, is indicative of our collective expression of playfulness, romance, and elegant style. With so much modern technology and constant media attention to world calamities, we find ourselves reclaiming a simple elegance and classical style. Scarves fill a niche within the gamut of accessories, and add softness and sophistication to a wardrobe that can otherwise feel drab and uninspiring.

Scarves can be worn in many different ways and come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, each lending itself to a different way of wearing it. Scarves provide warmth, comfort and versatile fashion, and can be worn as head wraps, sarongs, sashes, shawls, and the classic neck scarf.

Bandhani silk scarves are a type of chiffon scarves that are hand tied (knotted) and then dyed in elaborate patterns. The word 'bandhani' is an Indian term that means "to bind or knot" and refers to the art form of tie and dye on fabrics. These bandhani chiffon scarves are made from quality chiffon silk dyed in rich hues. Chiffon silk is lightweight and lustrous, which gives these scarves a comfortable feel and rich elegance. Another great feature of pure silk is that it is warming in the cold weather without being heavy like wool.

Bandhani silk scarves are handcrafted, using the finest natural materials. The revenue earned through the sale of these beautiful scarves is used for need-based development programs throughout India in relationship with fair trade. Wear one and make a fashion statement as well as a fair trade statement. These wholesale chiffon scarves can be easily ordered online, where you can choose from various colors and patterns.

The writer is associated with Sevya, a company that provides a wide range of fair trade products, and is a scarves wholesale supplier as well as a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Sevya is dedicated to preserving the indigenous art forms of India by supporting the artisan communities and marketing their products in the global arena.

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